The Launch Code

Are you ready to have a Facebook Challenge that sells? 

If you are, then you are going to love The Launch Code. 

In this unique training you are going to learn all the steps necessary to create a Facebook Challenge that leads into sales of your coaching, a product or program. 

Here are some of the magic that you will discover inside this training: 

  • the 7 benefits of hosting a challenge
  • the 6-week launch schedule to make things happen
  • how to get your audience engaged and excited before the challenge begins!
  • how to identify the right person who should be in your challenge
  • what type of content you need to build up excitement around your challenge and get people sharing!
  • how to outline your content (this is more important than most people realize)
  • learn how to prep people to become awesome customers!
  • how to choose your prize
  • how to market your challenge VS marketing the course. They are different and you need to know how to do them both. 
  • what emails to send your audience
  • and much much more! 

This training is awesome and will help you create a strategic plan that you can follow for epic results over and over again!