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"Jennifer Trask is my favorite business coach of all business coaches -- and I've worked with many over the years --because she is the most genuine, brilliant, kind, joyful business coach I've ever met!" 

- Lynn Louise Wonders, Author, Counsellor, Entrepreneur

"I have a renewed sense of confidence.

I know my worth and I am not going back."


Watching Cheryl unlearn years of hustle behaviour and culture was glorious. 

Cheryl is one of those women who when she sees something, she goes after it with a vengeance.

When Cheryl came to me she was struggling with feeling like an imposter (even though she had already had a 20-year successful career as an entrepreneur). She was also tired of pushing and hustling so hard and feeling like she needs to achieve. 

She needed a new way of being and working so that she could enjoy her success and her life.

As you'll hear from Cheryl's video, she did just that and more!

Not only did a renewed sense of confidence enable her to stand up for herself garnering her $10,000's in additional income, but she stop working so much, has more time with her family and has a new excitement about her business.

I couldn't be happier for Cheryl. She's really done a great job at embracing a new way of being which isn't always easy for someone who has created such high level success by hustling.

Congratulations Cheryl. You did it!!

xo Jennifer


Meet Cheryl at: https://sublimationsummit.com/ 

"Being able to celebrate my 1 Million downloads for my podcast was one of the most important things we coached on."


During our time together Suzy accomplished so much! 

She launched a program she thought was 'the one' but realized it wasn't. Out of that experience she discovered what she really wanted and then launched her now signature program,  The Academy & Masters Program.  

Suzy then hired a book keeper, something she had been putting off for years even though it was causing a lot of frustration and wasting a lot of time. She is now happily keeping her accountant busy and focusing on what she does best: coaching!

She also let go of the fear of publicly celebrating her success. This enabled Suzy to utilize the big milestone of 1 Million downloads with her podcast to her advantage. 

This garnered the attention of several international media outlets including the ever popular, Womens World Magazine (yes, the one you see at grocery stores and airports)! 

If all that wasn't enough, for me personally one of my favourite outcomes for Suzy is that she now has more FUN in her business and it is much more joyful. 

As she puts it, "I feel so much more motivated and confident about letting my freak flag fly!"

Suzy, let it fly! I'm so happy for you and can't wait to see what you do next.

xo Jennifer


Meet Suzy at: https://suzyrosenstein.com/ 

Jennifer was able to take the jumble in my head and create clarity that was perfect in our space.

Working with Katie to bring New Mindset Therapy to life in a joyful way was such a delight.
Katie is a gifted therapist and when the time came to open her own clinic she went in it with an open heart and mind. She and her team are giving great care to the people of Cornwall and they're really just getting started.
I'm honoured to be a part of their journey!
Congratulations to Katie and the team.🙂
Here's what Katie had to say about working together:
"Before meeting Jennifer, I felt like a fish in a fishbowl on my own trying to do things right with no direction. My business has grown from an idea to a mental health centre. 
I started with 1 subcontractor and now have 7 employees, incorporating some of the best people in our community to deliver specific treatment.
I would not have been able to get this done without Jennifer. She was able to take the jumble in my head and create clarity that was perfect in our space.
I loved working with her as she kept me on track, was very knowledgeable, and grounded me when I felt overwhelmed.
It is worth investing in this service. It is a long-term vision and brings happiness to some of the most difficult parts of creating a business."

It's Your Turn To Make Business Fun Again!

If you're interested in ditching hustle culture, redefining success and creating a joyous business then apply to work together today. 

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