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  • what branding really is and how to use it (nope, it’s not just your logo and your colours!)
  • what your position line and tagline is and how to use them.
  • 1 simple tip to help you create your ideal client avatar, even if you don’t have any clients yet (this is critical).
  • why you don’t need a website to start your business!
  • why building your email list is more important than building your social media community.
  • what a work outline is and how it helps you get more clients!
  • how to set up great expectations so that your clients are happy!


  • the most important question to ask yourself when you are creating your programs (especially if you are still doing 1-off calls or short coaching packages).
  • how to create prices that you and your ideal clients are happy about!
  • why you need to see Facebook as several separate marketing tactics and not just one.
  • the MOST important marketing tactic you must do and why!
  • the sales mantra that will get you excited to sell!
  • what you can do to make people excited to give you money!!


  • what to expect every time you go to a new level in your business.
  • what you need to understand about the roles in your business and why they are critical to your success!
  • the #1 mistake new coaches make that derail their success due to one small misunderstanding.
  • the universal truth you must accept and take responsibility for in order to allow success to flow to you!
  • how to not feel jealous of other coaches who are ahead of you.
  • the one behaviour you are more than likely doing that is keeping you stuck where you are.

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