You're invited to...

Gain clarity and confidence so that you can lead your business to better results with more ease and joy.

You can have a business that is joyous, profitable and sustainable without working constant long hours and missing out on life moments that matter to you.

Building a business can be a lonely and isolating experience, especially when you work from home. This is why it's easy to fall into shiny object syndrome, overwhelm or doubt.

If you're ready to... 

  • see positive change in your business;
  • feel seen, heard and understood;
  • become a more confident, resilient and abundant leader;
  • create a focused and clear strategy that gets results;

then get excited because more ease, joy and results are on their way to you!


When we work together I'll help you do two main things:

Become the leader who can get the results you want.

The journey to the business you deeply desire is about WHO you become in the process. Your mindset and actions will determine where you go.

We work together to help you create a resilient and confident mindset that allows more good things to come you instead of pushing for them all of the time.

This helps us create space for you to let go of the habits that are no longer serving you and to bring in the ones that will.

Who you are today is not who you'll be when you get to your big goals, and that's a good thing.

I'll help you close the gap faster than you could on your own.

Create a focused strategy that gets results.

Everything you do should have a purpose and be leading you towards your goals.

From your marketing, messaging and systems, when you're deliberate about your focus and avoid shiny objects you'll be amazed at the progress you can make.

Posting on social media sporadically is not a strategy. You need to a system to generate qualified leads and know how to close them.

We'll help you do that by focusing on your strengths so that marketing and sales are an enjoyable experience for you.

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Want full access to me to help you create more ease, joy and results? Private coaching is where you'll get personalized coaching and strategy to create a business that brings you joy and creates great income and impact.


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Craving a group atmosphere where ambitious women entrepreneurs like you are creating success with ease and joy? Then this is the Accelerator for you! Inside you'll find Coaching, training, accountability and big progress.


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Are you a woman entrepreneur in the Toronto area?

In this unique book club event, you bring a book you've already read and share with us how it impacted your business and/or life. 

Plus, you'll get time to make meaningful connections in this intimate setting with a maximum of 8 people. 


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Veronica Drake

Past Life Medium & Psychic

I think the biggest difference that you've made is helping me to come out of my fear of being seen and playing small.  Now  there's thousands and thousands of people that have come out of the woodwork screaming, “oh my God, where have you been with this”?

Tenaya Plowman Kolar

Feng Shui Consultant

This past month as soon as I really stepped up to owning my value in my business and finally charging what you said I should all along I had three client say, 'yes' 'great' 'what a deal'!

Amanda McNeil

Co-founder, New Leaf Co

Now, when I wake up in the morning, I just show up as an entirely different person. It has a major impact on me, my loved ones and everyone around me, as well as my business.


From starting in her parent's basement to becoming an award-winning oach and business mentor to entrepreneurs around the world.  Jennifer can help you ditch hustle culture and create a joyous business that you LOVE! 

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