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Create Your High Converting Coaching Experience And Get Consistent Clients


Join this 5-Week Accelerator to get your Coaching Experience created and launched!

You know the #1 way to sell Coaching is by having people experience the power of your Coaching.

That's why Coaching Experience's work! 

Join myself and a small cohort of Coaches as we create your high-converting Coaching experience so that you can get awesome clients who are excited to join your 1-1, group or mastermind programs. 

Want hands on help and feedback as you create your high converting coaching experience? 

Whether you're going to create a:

  1. Webinar
  2. Workshop
  3. Bootcamp/Challenge

in this 5-week accelerator you're going to get the support, feedback and training you need to create the most important aspects of your coaching experience so that it will convert into awesome paying coaching clients! 

During our 5 weeks together you're going to receive... 

Live Coaching & Feedback
You're going to get feedback from myself and the others on every call.
No more wondering if you've got it right or if something should be changed. You'll be confident with your offer because it was created together.
Training & Templates
Get the additional training and templates you need to make creating your content outline, opt-in page, sales page, emails and social media marketing faster and easier! 
It's too easy to put things off when you try to do it by yourself. With this immersive experience you'll be accountable to showing up prepared, doing the work and then at the end, you'll have everything DONE and ready to launch! 

Erin used a webinar and sold 8 calls in one hour! 

I sold 8 calls in one webinar!

Talking through strategy for my coaching business has been invaluable. I always leave our calls full of not just enthusiasm and passion but also exact steps that I can take to grow my business..

–Erin Bouchard

real results
hey there, friend!

I'm Jennifer Trask

As Coaches looking to stand out in today's market and attract amazing clients who pay on time, do the work and get results, we need to be strategic.

The old way of using long winded funnels and social media to get clients isn't enough anymore.

Your potential clients are looking to form a deeper connection with you and a few emails in a sequence just isn't going to cut it.

Even using AI technology to write your blog posts and Instagram posts isn't going to do the trick either.

In fact, with the level of content AI is going to help people produce faster there's going to be more people producing content in the industry now more than ever.

That's why you have to position yourself as the only choice for your future clients and allow them to experience you.

Creating Coaching Experiences that Convert Is Powerful.

I know this because they have been the most powerful tool I've used in my marketing, next to building relationships (which you get to do faster with coaching experiences!)

If you're ready to create your own coaching experience that converts (a webinar, workshop or bootcamp style training), then this is the place you'll want to be. 

You're going to learn from my years of experience creating these so that when your ideal clients come to yours they will be wow'ed by their experience and excited to take the next step with you! 

Are you ready to have a Coaching Experience that converts?

Aside from my very well earned, 'In the trenches' degree in entrepreneurship earned building my business as well as my helping my hundreds of clients, here are a few other "official" facts 😉 
⭐️ Toronto Star Readers voted me Toronto’s Best Life Coach two years running (2019, 2020) and Toronto's Best Business Consultant in 2022. Thanks Toronto!!🇨🇦
⭐️ I have a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and an MBA in International Business.
⭐️ I'm an NLP Practitioner.
⭐️ I love all things entrepreneurship and was a digital nomad for 3 years living in Australia, South America and the US.
⭐️ I love to travel and have been to 27 countries so far!
⭐️ When I'm not coaching clients or my Joyous Journey members, you can usually find me at a local coffee shop in my beautiful Toronto neighbourhood.

My revenue increased by 80% from the previous year.

Now I'm preparing to launch my first-ever membership program and additional short-term group programs. Jennifer will be all in to get you where you want to be.

– Leslie McDaniel

real results

Coaching Experiences That Convert Outline

Here's what we're going to cover and when:

MARCH 23 - APRIL 20, 2023


WEEK ONE - Thursday, Mar 23

Map Out Your Coaching Experience

During Week 1 you'll...

  • Map out your 5 phases of your coaching experience in detail.
  • Create your content outline for your workshop, bootcamp or webinar.
  • Add ethical persuasion into your coaching experience to create a powerful experience that converts (this is often what is missing to help increase conversions)
WEEK TWO - Thursday, March 30

Practice & Finalize Your Coaching Experience

During week 2 you'll...

  • Run through your content outline to finalize details
  • Practice your sales pitch to ensure you feel confident and clear on your offerings
  • Get feedback from myself and your peers to ensure it's as effective as possible
WEEK THREE - Thursday, April 6

Create An Effective Opt-In Page

During Week 3 you'll...

  • Create your headline, subheadline and description for your Coaching Experience opt-in page
  • Get copy feedback on your page overall to ensure its set up for success.
  • Feel confident and excited about promoting your offer!
WEEK FOUR - Thursday, April 13

Create Your Marketing Plan

During Week 4 you'll...

  • Get oddles of ideas on content to create videos, Reels and posts to promote your Coaching Expderience.
  • Have an email marketing campaign outline for you to execute.
  • Learn how to use Chat GPT to get even more ideas and nuggets to make your marketing easier and faster!
WEEK FIVE - Thursday, April 20

Final Wrap Up

During Week 5 you'll...

  • get answers to any final questions you have.
  • have your Coaching experience and marketing ready to launch.
  • celebrate your achievements and take action!
Anyssa Lucena

"I closed the doors with 24 new people, which I'm really excited about. And the original 6 people are now reinvigorated. I've worked with other business coaches in the past, but I have to say, Jennifer is certainly the best that I've ever worked with!"

Leesa Klich

"Working with Jennifer I gained more confidence in my value (and my awesomeness) and clarity on the steps to take to reach my business goals. This helped me raise my prices three times! I also stopped over analyzing everything and was able to make decisions faster!"


Check out your bonus suite...

Sales Calls Made Easy

($197 VALUE)

Get access to this powerful program that will help you have confident sales calls that convert. You'll discover what you need to do before, during and after the call for best results!

Community Area

($97 VALUE)

We're going to have a community (off of Facebook) where you can connect in between calls when you need help or you want to celebrate!

Coaching Experience SOP's

($197 VALUE)

Save oodles of time with SOP's (Standard Operating Procedures) that outline exactly what you need to do step by step so you don't miss anything important to creating your high converting coaching experience.;

Email Templates & Ideas

($147 VALUE)

Make emailing your list easy with these plug and play email templates to promote your coaching experience and sell your main offer;


($97 VALUE)

Learn how to gamify your coaching experience so that people have a lot of fun and engage in the experience with you. Gamifying will create better results for your participants and your sales!

The doors to Coaching Experiences That Convert close In...










If you join this Accelerator, show up and do the work, execute your Coaching Experience and you don't convert a client, you can come back and do another cohort for free to get the tweaks you need!

Yes! I want you to be successful and you CAN do this. We'll help you get there! 



Here's how to know if this Accelerator is for you:

It's a Heck Yes if you...

  • want more 1-1 clients or to sell a higher end program or mastermind. 
  • are selling a membership, workshop or any other type of group experience. 
  • Desire to learn some critical persuasion fundamentals that make selling Coaching easy for the rest of your career! 
  • want to be more confident in putting yourself out there and asking for the sale (and feeling REALLY good about it).
  • want more awesome clients who are going to show up, do the work and get results (hello dream come true... you're a change agent!)
  • want to be held accountable and get this done!! 

Frequently Asked Questions