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Get A Clear Plan To Your Business Goals

In 2 hours we will deep dive into your business to discover what has to go, what has to come in and what direction is best for you based on what outcome YOU desire most!


Reach Your Goals With Clarity + Ease

When you have massive clarity, you have the power to make the right decisions to move you forward. In this 2 hour VIP strategy session we are going to take a deep dive into your business and get you a plan that works for YOU and helps you reach goals that matter to you and your business.

Happy VIP'ers!

"Jennifer is like a fresh breath. It is like she is magical. A business unicorn! After my VIP session with her, I just felt like something inside of me clicked. I'd been chugging along for years but her "magic" and incredible knowledge and business savvy just pushed me outta my stuckness. As a result of the plan we made on our call, I added 63 new members to my membership in one week! "

Vee Drake
Spiritual Awakener

"Speaking to Jennifer was a breath of fresh air. I had been working on getting my business going for over a year but things just didn't feel right. In a short VIP call, she got me clear on my messaging, and showed me what I needed to do in order to launch. And it wasn't just a phone call - she followed up with me to make sure I had what I needed. Awesome clarity and comforting care!"

Lyda Osinga
Decoder Academy

"During our session, Jennifer was able to help me straighten out some financial goals, package pricing, branding questions and some time management issues. When we were done I felt empowered, that I could move ahead in my business with much more confidence and clarity."

Ivy Tolchinsky
My Resilient Recovery

"Our call was extremely productive. I've felt like I had spaghetti on the walls of the internet. Jennifer helped me take it all in and place it neatly in a bowl....with an action plan. She offered incredible value to me in a very short time. I highly recommend investing in yourself with Jennifer. She has amazing listening skills and is a true professional."

Sharon Johnson
Helping coaches and trainers find freedom in their business.

"In my session with Jennifer, she provided important insight on how I can overcome my fear of selling. She was able to pinpoint where I was letting negativity infuse itself and become the objection that I was addressing. Thank you, Jennifer!"

Audrey Knapp

"One might think there isn't nearly enough time to get the heart of anything, but Jennifer is skilled at picking up on where one's blocks may be, and is ready to point out your blindspots. In that brief meeting, I came away with an action plan and a renewed sense of excitement about my business. Thanks Jennifer!"

Tanya Chisholm
Owner of

"Jennifer rocked helping me get clear on the audience and positioning of 2 of my offers. She did it with such ease, speed and concrete steps, I was able to implement it immediately."

Anna Kowalska
The Chief Muse,


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