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Monday, Jan 17 - Friday, Jan 21, 2021
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When it comes to building your coaching business you want to...

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attract ideal clients who are excited to work with you!

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…get consistent high quality referrals!

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… see momentum in your marketing that drives sales!

The #1 secret to attracting ideal clients who are excited to work with you is lead with your Super Power in your marketing.


Your Super Power is the thing that makes you unique from all your competitors and creates connection with potential clients FASTER than anything else!

Join The 5-Day Challenge For Coaches To...

Unlock Your Super Power

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Discover your Super Power & how to use it in your marketing so that you can catapult your coaching business!

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Monday, Jan 17 - Friday, Jan 21, 2021

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Building your business is hard when you're trying to be someone you're not. 

When you try to emulate what successful coaches are doing but it doesn't feel like you, you aren't using your Super Power.    


Whether you're...

  • showing up on camera all polished and in reality, you're never that well dressed;
  • trying to 'be everywhere' online and it's exhausting (how do they do it?);
  • more soft spoken and quiet yet trying to be really enthusiastic online and it's making you want to run and hide from your phone...

Trying to be something you're not only wastes time. And it won't attract your true Tribe who will love you and happily buy from you! 

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When It Comes To Marketing, The Most Successful Coaches All Share This One Thing In Common...

💫They Lead With Their Super Power💫


Did you know that You Are Your Greatest Asset

That's right!

And most coaches who are still trying to get fully booked aren't using their most important asset to their advantage! This makes it getting to success longer and harder. 


Are You Using Your Super Power In Your Marketing?


You Are If You...

  1. Know What Your Super Power Is;
  2. Enjoy Putting Yourself Out There Everyday (and intentionally use your Super Power while marketing yourself);
  3. Have Ideal Clients Who Are Coming To YOU On The Regular! 
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Here's How You'll Uncover & Unlock Your Super Power In 5 Days!

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Day 1

Discover Your Super Power

We're going straight for it! On this day you'll uncover what your Super Power is so that you can start using it!

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Day 2

Understand How To Captivate Connection

Ready to dazzle others with your charm? You'll learn how to bring your Super Power into your networking and connecting so that you create true connection right from the start!

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Day 3

Attract An Abundance Of Clients With Ease

Having people send referrals to you doesn't have to be a dream. Learn simple ways to become easily referable so that more clients come to you!

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Day 4

Book More Clients By Just Being You

Get ready to learn how to bring your Super Power to sales calls, webinars, lives, etc. No matter where you're selling, it's so much easier when you use your Super Power!

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Day 5

The 90-Day Plan To Build Momentum

With your Super Power in hand get a 90-day plan to create big momentum in your coaching business! 

The results speak for themselves...

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"It's just all kinds of awesome."

 I actually had someone reach out to me a couple of days ago wondering if I'd be on their podcast. I feel like dancing, I don’t even have words. I feel like I can see the path, see the future.

Kelly Ryan

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"It took the fear out of sales!"

I have a lot more clarity in what I want to offer and I also gained more confidence in myself!

Kim Cheel

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"I got a client for a full three-month package."

it just motivated me to kind of go deeper, refine it, really try to look at the consistency piece around how I'm becoming visible. I feel a lot more comfortable being visible too.

Marianne Preston

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"My passion for life coaching has been reignited and the people I'm here to serve. "

It was the catalyst I needed. I became clear about what I offer and who I offer it to. Thank you. I feel so clear. I'm much clearer than I was before this.

Leslie Bridger

Join The Challenge & Find your Super Power!

The Secret Sauce You've Been Searching For?

It's Always Been YOU

I'm Going To Show You How To Find &

Use It To Build Your Coaching Business!

Your Super Power Is Often In Plain Sight But...

You can't see it because you're too close to it. 

It might be obvious to everyone else but it's not to you because it's just who you are.
That's the BEST part. You don't have to do or be something else, this is about using what you already HAVE and BEING who you already are - just more deliberately!!
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More Coaches In Their Super Powers!

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" I'm now leaning into my authentic self!"

I'm much more open to including more things that are fun and authentic in terms of what I'm doing on the video. I'm very aware of the resistance I was feeling around lives and being self-conscious.

Suzy Rosenstein

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"I have more eyeballs actually watching my, especially my Instagram stories."

Now I have an audience I can sell to. I also sold one of my magic intro offers.

Tammy Plunkett

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"It is the most excited and focused I have felt in my business in a long time."

I never imagined I would have like such a strong, energetic feeling of moving forward. Like I feel right now it's, it's a good time in my life for me to bring my business forward.

Lisa Hall

Join The Challenge & Find your Super Power!
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Hey there, I'm Jennifer Trask.

I believe that coaches are the change makers of the planet. I also believe that you deserve to have a profitable, sustainable and joyous business that you LOVE!
It's been my honour to be working with coaches like you since 2010 helping them build their business's.
Aside from my very well earned, 'In the trenches' degree in entrepreneurship earned building my business as well as my helping my hundreds of clients, here are a few other "official" facts 😉 
  • I've worked with 100's of coaches in 5 continents!
  • Toronto Star Readers voted me one of Toronto’s Best Life Coach two years running (thanks Toronto!)
  • I have a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and an MBA in International Business
  • I'm an NLP Practitioner
  • I love to travel and have been to 27 countries so far!