Get Ready To Save Hours Of Time Every Month On Content Creation

Increase your engagement and sales on social media by creating consistent content that converts! .

263 done-for-you social prompts to make social media easy.

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Your future clients are on social media looking for solutions to their problems.

In order for them to choose you, you need to be on the forefront of their minds. You can easily do that by being in their social media feeds building trust with consistent, quality content. 

But sometimes it can feel like such a chore and waste of time.  

If you know you want to be using social media to get clients but you're done with...

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...not knowing what to post and spending hours scrolling for ideas only to run out of time and promise yourself to post tomorrow;

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… spending too much time creating "the perfect" post that you think is great, only to hear crickets;

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… feeling frustrated with your inability to stay consistent on social media when life and business gets busy...

Get excited because you're social media marketing is about to get a whole lot better when you start using the...

Social Success System Prompts

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 263 done-for-you social media prompts to increase engagement and sales for your Coaching Business.

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Who else wants to make content creation easier?

With the Social Success Prompts you'll have great ideas at your finger tips on what to post. Save yourself hours of frustration and creation time by using the prompts.

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Inside you'll receive...

  • 263 social prompts (including hooks and call-to-actions) to make creating social media content easy (some are copy and paste and some are customizable to your niche).


  • a training on the Social Success System that outlines the 5 Categories every Coach must post from to build the know, like and trust factor online.


  • access to a done-for-you content calendar that is already organized with the Social Success System categories so you can plan in advance with ease.

Use The Social Success System To Create Excited Buyers

These 5 categories build the know, like and trust factor with your future clients right on social media.

The 263 social prompts are all within the framework of these 5 powerful categories that will give your prospects a true understanding of what you have to offer them. 

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These prompts work for... 

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok and
  • LinkedIn
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You can use them to make all types of content

  • Text or image posts
  • Reels
  • Live video ideas
  • Carousel posts
  • Stories

Ready to start creating content consistently with ease?


Here's what's waiting for you...

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Instant access to 263 social media prompts

Never waste time wondering what to post or if it will be good again!
(value = $147)

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Training on the Social Success System

Build trust and authority with these 5 content categories.
(value = $97)

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Content Calendar

Start planning and organizing your content in advance with ease!
(value = $77)

Total Value = $321

Your Price? $27


When you start using the prompts you'll...

  • feel relaxed and at ease knowing your social media content is done!
  • see more followers, engagement and meaningful conversations because of your consistency!
  • start enjoying social media (no more feeling frustrated or panicked about it)
  • feel like the true rock star CEO you are - your marketing is under control and WORKING
  • getting sales with people who are already decided that they want to work with you! 
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Hey there, I'm Jennifer Trask.

Here's a fun fact: I began making these prompts for my own clients.

As I was making it, I knew it was too valuable to keep it to ourselves!

Over the last decade I've been working with Coaches and I know that knowing WHAT to post on social media is a big hurdle for a lot of Coaches. But I also know that being consistent on just one social platform can change your business drastically!

That's why I'm so excited you're about to get your hands on these prompts. When you start using them, you'll gain confidence in yourself and your ability to create confidence. You'll also get more traction from your social media.

Social media has been a blessing in my business and I want you to benefit from it, too. So, what are you waiting for? Your future clients are waiting to find you! Go get em!!


Grab The Social Success Prompts Today!

Total Value = $321

Your Price? $27