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Want to come to a unique event that will leave you feeling inspired and connected with other incredible women entrepreneurs?

And have new great books to add to your reading list?

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Yeah, me too! 

Introducing the Joyous Entrepreneur Book Club! 

This isn't your ordinary book club. This is a book club EVENT where you share a book that has been impactful to you instead of reading something new. 

You also have flexibility in choosing a date that fits your schedule. No matter which event you attend, you'll be surrounded by a small group of incredible women entrepreneurs who will enrich your life in the three hours we're all together.

Here's how it works: 

Choose A Date

You sign up for the book club date that works for you. 

Choose A Book

You choose a book that has inspired you in your life and/or business to bring with you as well as a paragraph or section that you'd like to read that was impactful for you.

Be Connected & Inspired!

You come to the event and meet incredible women entrepreneurs (max 8 people) while having rich, deep and impactful conversations that lead to new meaningful connections. 

Leave with a happy heart, book recommendations and new friends. Hooray! 

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"There is a magical connection when we meet with a shared interest. It makes for a seamless and authentic connection. Making networking super relaxed and inspired with a guaranteed AHA moment or 10!" 

- Alicia Robertson, Make Lemonade

"This was a new and enjoyable experience. I loved hearing about which books inspired the other women. I now have some new books on my list. Look forward to the next book club.‚ÄĚ
- Tanya Cullen, Dietician
"This not like any bookclub I have ever been a part of. It was so much fun and in many ways therapeutic because everyone connected on such a deep level. As someone who works by themselves in their home it was really nice to get out of the house and meet new people. I made some great connection in this intimate group of strong women and I will hopefully be working with some of them in the near future. It was so worth trek across town!"

- Jennifer Valencia, Wine Expert