Discover what's holding you back from your joyous, profitable and sustainable business.


You're Not Like Everyone Else And That's Why You're Here

Ready to break away from mainstream advice and to have a business that FUELS you and the lifestyle you dream of?

In this 2-hour deep dive call you and I are going to run through The Joyous Entrepreneur Framework to discover where you can start making change immediately to get yourself out of hustling and into more flow that allows you to love your life AND have great impact and income.

Yes, I Want To UnHustle Myself!

"I had a 2 hour strategy session with Jennifer - and all I can say is WOW! She helped me unlock some of the internal dialogue I have been having about my coaching business. Being a coach myself, I knew that I was getting in my own way, and after talking to Jennifer, have more clarity on what that is - AND how I can get around it. What I especially liked about the call was the tangible actions I left with to drive my business success. I felt tremendously heard on a personal level and that she has the business knowledge and experience to understand where my business is at, and the steps to make it as big as I want it to be. This was a zero judgment zone - I'm in the driver's seat, and she is helping navigate. It was a very worthwhile investment. Thank you Jennifer!"

Heather Beck
Leadership Coach & HR Consultant

"Working with Jennifer is always motivational and confidence building. She seems to uncover important steps with her spot on questioning and support. It always amazes me the clarity I gain when I talk with Jennifer. She can hone in on the area in which you need to take action and help you discover practical simple activities to support your momentum. Thank You for helping me stick to my dream and feel productive."

Trish McIntosh
Educational Leadership Coach & Consultant

"Before our call this overwhelming fear would come over me and I'd start to doubt everything I was doing. I'd be stuck in fear of failing and became unable to make decisions and move my business forward. During the call Jennifer helped me to recognize all the things I've faced and overcame over the history of my business. Now when fear shows up, I won't dwell in it. She also helped me work through some of my money values conflict. After our call, we doubled our sales from last years monthly revenue. I feel like this is just the tip of the iceberg in how I change my mindset and shift my money stories. I can't wait to see how far I'll go!"

Erin Bouchard
Owner, Once Upon A Time Weddings


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