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Get To 

6-Figures Faster 

Uncover what's blocking you, build your abundance & learn to receive so you can get to 6-figures faster.


Making 6-Figures Doesn't Have To Be Hard. 

Whether you're in your first year of business or you've been trying while now, do you feel like breaking into that 6-figure mark is harder than it should be? 

Perhaps you've even thought,

 'If I just take this course, I'll finally get there." 

Only to fall short after taking yet another course where you had the best of intentions but things fell flat. 

Then you think,

"If I just hustle more, I'll get there." 

But of course, as one person you can only hustle for so long before you hit burnout.

It's not sustainable even if you do find some good results that way. 


Most coaches, trainers and course creators are stuck in this trap

called... 'The Spin Cycle'. 

This Spin Cycle is when you are trying really hard, doing what you can but not really making any progress. 

You may have a few wins here or there but you keep sabotaging your efforts and you just don't know why. 

When you're in the Spin Cycle results are scarce, frustration is high and your optimism for your business comes and goes. 

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Spin Cycle Results

  • you feel like you’re working so hard and barely moving the needle;

  • your offers don't convert well and you receive a lot of, 'I can't afford it' or, 'it's not the right time' feedback;

  • you're taking the courses and doing the work but you're just not making progress;
  • you feel frustrated because you keep trying things but you remain stuck.
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6-Figure Results

  • things progress at a pace that's right for you;

  • your offers convert with clients who are excited to work with you;

  • you take courses that are the next logical step for you and they help you make big progress;
  • you feel happy where you are and excited for more! 

Hustle & Overwhelm Are NOT Necessary To Build A 6-Figure Business.

Most coaches, course creators and creatives think that they need to learn another business or marketing skill to hit 6-figures. Or perhaps, they just need to 'work harder'. 


How many times have you seen other entrepreneurs who have the same or similar business to you getting much better results faster and working less?


You wonder...

  • WHAT do they know that I don't know?
  • And WHAT are they doing differently than me? 

Here's the difference: 

Entrepreneurs who get better results faster understand the power of their minds and have rewired their brain for success. 


You've likely heard masters of business like Tony Robbins say, 'Success is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics'. 

When I first heard this, I thought, 'not possible'. If I can market well, that's all you need. 

Well, 13 years later with a failed business and a successful one, and after helping 1,000's of entrepreneurs, I can tell you, he was right. 


Your problem isn't...

  • your work ethic
  • not knowing enough or
  • not having enough experience...

The problem is you're blocked at a subconscious level.  

Most of us are not taught the truth about money and success. 

Growing up, how many times did you hear things like...

  • "We can't afford that."
  • "Money doesn't grow on trees."
  • "You have to work hard for money."
  • "Only rich people can afford that and we are not rich." 
  • "It's bad to be greedy and have too much."

These common phrases seem harmless and true to those who speak them. 

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However, these are not just phrases. When heard over and over again they become your belief system.  And it is your belief system that is keeping you stuck. Here's why:


Humans will always behave according to who they believe they really are.

And when deep down you believe that you are a struggling entrepreneur, you will always struggle. 

This is why...

  • lottery winners statistically go broke within 5 years
  • most entrepreneurs never become 'super successful' and
  • most people never reach the financial freedom they truly desire. 

Shifting your identity and the beliefs that are stopping you from becoming successful is how you break out of the Spin Cycle .


The 6-Figure Money Mindset Makeover will help you break through the money blocks that are stopping your success. 

You'll uncover the blocks that are ACTUALLY stopping you from making 6-figures and replace them with beliefs and habits that serve you towards becoming the successful entrepreneur that you can be. 


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Over 21 days you'll uncover what's blocking you, build your abundance & learn to receive so you can get to 6-figures faster. 

Week 1

August 10 - 16, 2020


In week 1 you'll uncover the thoughts and beliefs you hold that is blocking money from coming to you.  
You’ll discover beliefs that you didn’t even realize were there so that you can begin to let them go. 

Week 2

August 17 - 23, 2020


In week 2 you’ll focus on building the abundance that you really want. You’ll get clear on where your true power is to attract money. 
This week is critical to putting things in place so that you can step into the abundant being that you really are. 

Week 3

August 24 - 30, 2020


In week 3 you’ll begin to integrate the habits that will bring more abundance to you than ever before.  
Learning to receive is about knowing with every cell of your being that you are worthy of your desires. It's also about stepping into the identity of a successful entrepreneur. 

Just imagine what it will feel like when you... 

  • start having consistent high income month after month
  • charge prices that feel AMAZING to you and clients that are happy to pay! 
  • put yourself out there regularly (no more hiding!)
  • deeply believe that you are worthy of your dreams
  • stop working so hard and get even better results
  • are well on your way to 6-figures
  • hit 6-figures!! 
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You deserve to have the 6-figure income you desire without the hustle and overwhelm.


All of this is possible when you commit to letting go of who you have been so you can step into who you are meant to be.


If you're ready to bring in more money (yes, even during a global pandemic), then join the makeover!

The Doors Close In... 









The Makeover runs from Monday, Aug 10 - 31. The last day to sign up is Friday, Aug 14. 

The Joyous Journey will give you the Strategy + Mindset you need to get to 6-Figures. 


The 21-Day Money Mindset Makeover is the perfect way for you to jump start your joyous journey in our community. 

After that you'll get plugged in to all the amazing calls and training that will give you the fast-track to success you're looking for all with joy (not hustle and overwhelm). YAY! 

What's In The Joyous Journey? 

This is THE PLACE for you to get the ongoing support you need to get into 6-Figures! 

We have everything from: 

  • yearly, quarterly and monthly strategic planning calls so that you will always be focused towards your most important work;
  • monthly mindset training so that you can stay on top of the most important advancements in high performance, confidence and joy; 
  • joy buddy's so that you have someone to be accountable to and grow a mutually beneficial friendship from;
  • stay strategic calls so you can get the help you need throughout the month when you're stuck;
  • weekly get er' done calls where you'll mastermind with your peers and do the work that will move you forward;
  • a joyous and supportive community so that you always have a place that you belong and can be inspired, supported and celebrated!! 
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Your 30-Day Money Back Guarantee To Selling With Confidence!

This 21-Day Money Mindset Makeover will help you overcome your money blocks and step into your true abundance. 

If you're ready to... 

  • remove your money blocks
  • let go of what doesn't support you anymore
  • step into your true power and let abundance come to you
  • make more money *without* working harder
  • enJOY the process of growing your business (no more overwhelm) 

then you're ready for The 21-Day Money Mindset Makeover and our 30 day money back guarantee has your back! 

If you show up, do the work and don't see any improvement in your confidence or sales, I will happily refund your money.

This really is an absolute no-brainer

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Money Mindset Makeovers!

"I have rock solid belief in myself & I more than doubled my sales!"

- Gail Williams, Artist

I know I wouldn’t be where I am today with The Joyous Journey. I have rock solid belief in myself and an abundance of ideas to help me figure out how to navigate to more ways to make money than I could have by myself. 

I didn’t think at first I could afford it, but now that I have more than doubled my sales and a belief that I create powerful paintings that will find their new homes.

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"I just booked the largest conference I’ve ever spoken at!"

 - Kori Kostka, Mindful Eating Dietician

I just booked the largest conference I’ve ever spoken at and they’ve asked me to partake in a panel discussion with some pretty influential names. 

You helped me get my head in the game to receive this!"

"I had 5 people join the program which was exactly what I was wanting!"

- Stephanie Leach, Health & Juicing Coach 

I hadn't made an offer to my list all year. So when I joined this program, I made a commitment to taking action despite the fear. I TOOK ACTION (finally!) and it like it WORKED.  I had 5 people that joined the program, which was exactly what I was wanting!

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"I launched an online writing course that I've been sitting on for way too long!"

- Kate Johnston, Writing Coach 

I launched an online writing course that I've been sitting on for way too long! I am more excited to work everyday and I'm able to maintain that excitement through the day!  

Meet Your Money Makeover Coach, Jennifer Trask, MBA

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Working on my mindset and stepping into the most confident version of myself has been *hands down* the MOST important step to me building a business that spans 5 continents over 10 years helping 1,000’s of amazing entrepreneurs like you. 
Even with two business degrees in hand including a Masters Degree in International Business, I still struggled to grow my business. It wasn’t until I started doing the inner work that the other work, worked. 
In 2012 when I made my big shift in confidence my business went from part time to full time income. I started traveling the globe to places like Peru, Ecuador, Chile and Australia as a digital nomad. I even got to spend a winter in the warm California sun working from my laptop. 
In 2019 I was voted Toronto’s Best Life Coach by Toronto Star Readers (thanks readers!). 
I LOVE entrepreneurs and believe that they are the change makers of the planet. That’s why I’m so passionate about helping them get the most important skill they will ever need to accomplish their dreams - confidence. 
I can’t wait to help you do the same! 

There has never been a more important time for you to get to 6-figures in your business. 

When you get to more financial abundance and stability in your business, life and business gets easier. 
You then have the ability to help others because you have more to give. 
You making more money is good for everyone. 
Join us for the 21-Day 6-Figure Money Mindset Makeover and change the trajectory of your business for the better.