Discover The Not-So-Obvious Strategies These Coaches Used To Get To 6-Figures 

Learn the strategies that turned things around for these 10 successful coaches used to dramatically grow their business without hustle, overwhelm or slimy selling! 


Here's A Peek At What (& Who) Is Waiting Inside For You...

Jairek Robbins

High Performance Coach & President of Success Magazine 

Uncover the 3 steps Jairek used to go from $0 to 6-figures in just 8 months!

Suzy Rosenstein

Master Coach With Over 1 Million+ downloads on her Podcast!

Discover the block Master Coach & Host of the Women in the Middle Podcast Suzy Rosenstein busted through that helped her 3X her income in one year!!

Blake Fly

8X TedX Speaker & Founder of My life Online

Blake shares with you the simple question that changed his maybe's into 'YES's'!


Send Me The 6-Figure Secrets!

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Hello fellow coach! I'm Jennifer Trask, Mindset Coach & Business Mentor for Coaches. 

It's nice to meet you. I've had the privilege of working with incredible Coaches like yourself since 2012.

Recently I was chatting with one of my 7-figure coach friends about how I could help more coaches reach the incredible milestone of getting to 6-figures. 

We both knew how significant shifting our mindsets had been to reaching 6-figures ourselves so I thought I would ask more of my successful clients and friends what helped them. 

Before long I had 10 powerful secrets that were all different in my hands... now about to be in yours! 

Within this PDF you'll find transformational nuggets of wisdom that if taken and put into practice can change your results and help you get to 6-figures faster.

You're in great hands with these coaches who are in different niches and who have built profitable, sustainable and joyous 6 & 7-figure businesses!

Don't wait another second. Download it now, dig in and learn the secrets. Above all, implement!! The world will be better the more successful you are! 

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