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When it comes to marketing you want to...

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know how to pick strategies that play to your strengths and get you clients!

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 get results without being on social media all day (who has time for that?).

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… simplify and shorten your to-do list so you can spend your time coaching paying clients!

I understand. I've been there too and I've got you. 

There's a much simpler way to market...

Simplify Your Marketing & Get Clear By Getting The...

2022 Planning Day For Coaches

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Get your simplified marketing plan that's easy and joyful to implement and will get you fully booked in 2022!

In Just One Day!

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Build A Plan That Enables You To Get Clients In A Way That Feels Good To You! 

Want to spend your time doing marketing that actually works and doesn't feel icky? 

Of course you do!

The good news?

It's much easier than you thought.

The answer is simple: 

you need to do less. 


When you are doing 'all the things' and trying to be on every social media site, you spread yourself too thin and never get the traction or results you could be getting if you focused. 

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In This Training You'll Choose The Best Strategies For YOUR Business To Get Clients

(and there will be less than there are now)!


This IS about doing the few right things that will work for you and your business. 

That right plan looks a little different for every coach but there's a few things they all do have in common. 


When you have a great marketing plan, it will: 

  1. Have you focused on doing just a few things really well (less really is more here); 
  2. Play to your strengths (you don't have to do any specific strategy); 
  3. Have you looking forward to marketing your business (no more procrastinating)!
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Here's How You'll Create Your 2022 Marketing Plan That You're Excited To Implement & That Will Get You Fully Booked!

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You'll have some guided prep work to do to ensure you start your planning day clear, focused and ready to dive deep!

Here's what you'll prepare:

  • Your 2021 wins so you can start off with a winning mindset!
  • Your vision and goals for 2022 that excite and motivate you.
  • Your profit centres so you're clear on exactly what you need to sell and how much to reach your goals.


Project Planning

Project planning ensures that you can achieve what you want in the time frame you give yourself (no more overzealus 'I'll get everything done this month' lists for you!) .

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • How to plan your projects out in a realistic format so you can actually achieve all of them!
  • What a project really is and how long it will take you (hint: most things take longer than we think).
  • How to set yourself up for success and plan for the inevitable mishaps that happen along the way.
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It's time to choose the BEST marketing strategies that excite you!

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • The 3 categories you need to ensure you cover so you can continually grow a roster of clients.
  • The #1 way to get a larger audience FAST and for free!
  • What to look for in a strategy so you'll know it's right for you!
  • How to create a high converting email opt-in! 


Content Creation

Never again will you be lost for content ideas! You'll get so good at content that you'll love creating it!!

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • How to implement the Social Success System so that you have content that magnetizes ideal clients to YOU.
  • Five easy to implement content ideas that will get your brain fired up with good ideas on the regular!
  • How to use what's already happening in real life to your advantage for extra traffic!
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2022 BONUS!

5 Powerful Guest Coaches Share Their Most Successful Marketing Strategy 

This year we had 5 guest coaches who are rocking their marketing, talk about the specific strategy that is working for them. Each speaker shared a different strategy. Learn from their experiences and get new ideas to fuel your results!

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Being Vulnerable Is Profitable

(with Veronica Drake from Divinely Unscripted)

Veronica shares how you can build a very successful 6-figure practice using your own story on social media to attract clients to you with ease. 

You'll also learn how to get higher engagement on your posts and create true connection with your community. 

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Networking To Success 

(with Amy Tsai from Fit & Fierce Over 40)

Amy shares with you the 'language of networking' so that you can have fun networking and attract the right clients to you with ease (which is her number one strategy)!

You'll also learn questions you can ask to create great conversations and real connection. 

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Building Trust With Instagram

(with Courtney McCarthy from Loyobo Fit)

Courtney's company, Loyobo Fit is rocking Instagram and regularly gets compliments and clients with her IG strategy. 

You'll learn how they do it, how much time it really takes and the #1 question you need to be constantly asking yourself BEFORE you create content! 

You'll also learn the #1 mistake content creators make and how to overcome it (this one is BIG and blew up the chat in the live class)

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Using Podcasting As A Marketing Strategy

(with Suzy Rosenstein, from Women in The Middle)

With over 822,000+ downloads, Suzy knows how to create true connection and get clients using podcasting.

You'll learn:

  • when it's best to start a podcast (this may surprise you);
  • how to build your email list with a podcast;
  • how to use your podcast to help close sales and 
  • the #1 question to ask yourself before you take action on any of your marketing (this is SO powerful!)
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Create A High Converting Facebook Challenge

(with Anyssa Lucena from The Confident Climbers Club)

Anyssa shares with you how she ran her high converting (34%) BINGO challenge to fill her membership. 

You'll learn ...

  • what to give people in the challenge to get them taking action;
  • how to ensure people take action even if they get busy;
  • how to create connection and community with members and keep engagement through the challenge (this is a super smart move)
  • how to get testimonials even in the middle of a challenge! 

The results speak for themselves...

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"I found this course very helpful."

 I have been coaching/consulting/training for many years. I found this course very helpful in not only helping me do what I know I need to do easier, but introducing new tools and beliefs to help me in 2022.

John Kennedy

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"It was such an excellent and highly valuable way to spend a day!"

Jennifer's questions really help you understand what you need to create, specific to your ideal client, and how to understand and allocate the time involved to do it all.

Angela Kristen Taylor

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"From floundering to flourishing in one great day!"

The workbook was extremely helpful and Jennifer was able to pinpoint exactly what we needed to be successful in planning our year. My favorite thing about Jennifer is the joy and caring she gives each client - no matter if they work with her for an hour or forever!

Lyda Osinga

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"Wow, it really helped me get clear on what needs to happen to meet my goal next year of launching a successful membership."

I am clearing the decks and getting laser focused. Lots of good content ideas for list building, and outlined a success path for my members. 

Stephanie Leach

Ready to get your plan in one day?



When you join you'll get immediate access to...

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Your 2022 Simplified Marketing Plan Training Modules
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Guest Case Studies (real coaches and their best strategies!) 
(value = $397)

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Access to the prep work and training!
(value = $197)
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Bonus #1: Five Done-For-You Content Calendars!
(value = $97)
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Bonus #2: Ideal Client Avatar Creator
(value = $197)

Total Value = $1385

Yours for only $47

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Hey there, I'm Jennifer Trask.

I believe that coaches are the change makers of the planet. I also believe that you deserve to have a profitable, sustainable and joyous business that you LOVE!
It's been my honour to be working with coaches like you since 2010 helping them build their business's.
Aside from my very well earned, 'In the trenches' degree in entrepreneurship earned building my business as well as my helping my hundreds of clients, here are a few other "official" facts 😉 
  • I've worked with 100's of coaches in 5 continents!
  • Toronto Star Readers voted me one of Toronto’s Best Life Coach two years running (thanks Toronto!)
  • I have a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and an MBA in International Business
  • I'm an NLP Practitioner
  • I love to travel and have been to 27 countries so far!

More Happy Planners...

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"Jennifer's Planning Day Workshop was chockfull of value!"

From project planning  to marketing strategies, to great speakers - the knowledge shared was detailed, yet easy to understand; relevant, and helped us create an actionable plan going into 2022.

Preciosa Leal

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"It was helpful hearing what was working for other coaches."

This planning day was such an important day in understanding my clarity, my value, and what I need to focus on to get what I want for 2022.

Kim Cheel

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"To set aside a day like this was such a boost to helping me to not just plan but to put that plan in motion."

The speakers were amazing and I gained a lot of great tips (especially about podcasting)! The handout was so helpful to keep it all in one place. Thank you just does not quite say enough so I'll add a few more of my languages - Asante, Gratias, Salamat Po, Tankyu Tru, Goodonyah!

Jill Weatherhead

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"Clarity & A Strong Plan"

I now know what my major projects are, so I will focus on them and ditch getting sidetracked!

Roxana Radescula

Excited To Get Fully Booked In 2022?

Get Your 2022 Marketing Plan Done In A Day!

Total Value = $1385

Yours for only $47

Recorded live on Dec 8, 2021


More Happy Planners...

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"The 2022 planning session was so full of value!"

I loved how everything was broken out so I know exactly what my focus is and what projects I'm working on in 2022.  I don't feel overwhelmed, I feel clear and focused. 

Kelly Ryan

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"Thanks for keeping me on the right path. Again!"

For me this day clearly reinforced for me how to set strategy that you can manage, the need to be consistent and be authentic first for your clients and for myself. Sometimes in the day to day operations one loses sight of that. 

Liz McGregor

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"This was just what I needed to set myself up for an amazing 2022."

The prep work helped to get me focused, the stories from the seasoned coaches were inspiring and the energy of the sharing was motivating.  I am excited and  energized about 2022. I would encourage everyone to take time for join Jennifer’s next training event. Well organized and fun. Thanks for a great day.

Marianne Preston

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"I loved the guest speakers!"

The planning day was so helpful not only to plan for business success in 2022 but also to know that I am not alone and taking consistent and specific steps in my business will lead to success with joy!  Thank you Jennifer!!

Gillian Yuan